This script uses Cascading Style Sheets to display hyperlinks within folders and folders with subfolders. To install, select [Hightlight All] and [Ctrl]-[C] to copy into clipboard. Use [Ctrl]-{V] to paste this JavaScript code into your web page header.


The following is an example of a multi-level outline:

 Favorite Links

Abri Technologies
 SBT Accounting
AccountiX Home Page
The VAR Loop

If you right-click this page and look at the source code for this example, you will notice each folder is a dummy hyperlink with a onclick="return Outline(this)" onmouseover="return Outstat(this)" onmouseout="return Outstat()". Each hyperlink also contains a id="Out?t" and a <img id="Out?i">. The contents of each folder resides in a <div class="off" id="Out?s">. Create a unique id for the folder, but suffix the <a> id with "t", suffix the <img> id with "i", and suffix the <div> id with "s". Don't forget to add the images fold and open to your web site.

FYI: The left-frame uses a modified form of Outline(). A folder is only displayed when opened. I also added [border:1px solid] to the display style, to help show what was in the closed folder.

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