Working on SBT Vision Point and Pro Series code, I've created the following SBT utilities. Should work in FoxPro for Unix. Please feel free to use them. There are, however, no warranties expressed or implied. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to check out some of my most popular SBT Modifications.

Data Wire Four v01.08.04

The Data-Wire Four is a procedure designed to help maintain dbf files. Found in the freeware section of this web site, I still find it useful in maintaining SBT company data.

After installing a good working copy of your SBT company data, you would typically execute Data Wire Four in both your data and SYSDATA directories. Each directory would get a generated DBFS.PRG. This program, when executed, checks the current directory. Any missing dbf files, field layouts or structural indices are repaired or recreated. Though not foolproof, I find it useful in recovering from various disasters.

MERGE v01.00.03
The procedure MERGE.PRG will allow you to merge system data records from another SBT company. This procedure will merge company records in all current directory SY*.* files (containing a COMPID field), as well as SYSDATA, SYSLINK and SYSTABL.

Note: This procedure can only merge one company at a time. You must still copy your data files into your data directory. You also need to use NEWDRIVE.PRG to make the drive/directory path changes to your SYSDATA records.

NEWDRIVE v01.01.04
The procedure NEWDRIVE.PRG will allow the user to change SBT drives or directories in system data records. This procedure will change directory paths in all current directory SYC*.* files, as well as SYSDATA. Should work with SBT Pro Series 5 and earlier. Should also trigger FoxFire to reset itself.

NEWITEM v01.00.00
The procedure NEWITEM.PRG will allow the user to change item codes. For one or all companies listed in the current directory's SYSDATA. For all files with a ITEM C(15) field in it, only if the old item code is found and the new item code is not found.

Note: This procedure will search data paths in the current directory's SYSDATA only. SYC*.* files are not searched.

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