My FoxPro software installations used to be MS-DOS batch driven. To create features not found in normal MS-DOS batch commands, I had to write the following QuickBasic 4.5 utilities. Feel free to use them to create your own batch installations. Also feel free to list and/or Raymond W. Marron in any credits. There are, however, no warranties expressed or implied. Enjoy!

LINPUT v1.0.3 - Program to prompt the user for an environment variable.

Usage: LINPUT [/d] "prompt" xxx
    /d              Create directory stored in xxx. Optional.
    "prompt"   Text to appear as a prompt for user input.
    xxx           DOS Environment variable to store user input. A previous value of YES or NO invokes Y/N prompt.

The batch file C:WINDOWS\TEMP\TEMP.BAT is created. A batch CALL to this file will set xxx equal to new user value. If, /d is specified, the batch file will also create directory stored in xxx. If LINPUT is executed without parameters, the screen is cleared with white text foregound, blue background color.

XD v1.0 - Similar to CD, but also changes drive letter.

Usage: XD x:\xxx
    x:\    Drive
    xxx  Directory Path.

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