Before Foxbase/FoxPro, I made a living writing BASIC. Here's a set of Quick BASIC 4.5 utilities I found on an old backup tape. While I haven't seen these programs in years, I did update a couple of them to handle 4 digit years and to use form feeds for printer output. Printer output can only go to LPT1, however, and documentation is limited to the source code itself.

Please feel free to use any of these programs. There are no warranties, however, expressed or implied. Enjoy!

Printer Note, FYI: In QuickBasic, printer output always goes to LPT1 via IRQ7 and ports 3B0-3BF. Since a Windows 9x machine might not even have an IRQ7 port, printer output could cause a crash. To avoid this problem, I've replaced LPRINT commands with PRINT #1 (using OPEN "LPT1.DOS" FOR OUTPUT AS #1).

ANNUITY v1.2.2 - Program to calculate payment/withdrawal annuities.

Alternate Trek v1.2 - Derived from the standard battleship-like StarTrek Game.

FCOMP v1.2.1 - Program to perform file comparison. Allows user to increment individual file records.

FUNC - A set of BASIC functions.

GETDATE v1.2.1 - Program to set the date on computer without a CMOS battery. Also useful in AUTOzipC.BAT.

MAT - A set of BASIC matrix functions.

MILEAGE v1.4.2 - Program to track automobile gasoline consumption.

POSTER v1.2 - Program to print large vertical poster messages.

POSTII v1.2 - Program to print large horizontal poster messages.

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