This script uses dynamic html to display logo images and hyperlinks. Three images are displayed at a time. After every 10 seconds, the oldest logo is removed and a new logo is added. This version of logo uses the IE ability to transition from one image to another.

To install, download the file logo2.js. Add:

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript" src="logo.js"></script>

within the <head> of your web page. Where you want to logos displayed, add the following code:
<a id="a001"><img id="i001" border="0" align="middle"></a>
<a id="a002"><img id="i002" border="0" align="middle"></a>
<a id="a003"><img id="i003" border="0" align="middle"></a>

You also need to define your logo list in public arrays.

Public Variables:
wid[] - <img width>
hgt[] - <image height>
img[] - image cache
src[] - <img src>
tit[] - <img alt>
url[] - <a href>

wid = new Array() ; hgt = new Array() ; img = new Array()
src = new Array() ; tit = new Array() ; url = new Array()
wid[0] = 103 ; hgt[0] = 100 ; img[0] = new Image()
src[0] = "logo\/mas.gif"
tit[0] = "Local astronomy club&#013;&#010;Dennis Allen webmaster"
url[0] = "http:\/\/"

Note: Make sure to replace any occurrence "/" with "\/" (needed in document.write()).

Note: For external images, add "(x)" to tit[]. Otherwise, this code will wait onload forever.

Finally, add <body onload="logo_init()" onunload="logo_off()">.

Script originally from Dynamic Drive (

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Copyright 2013 Dennis Allen.

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